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How to Sell Your Music for Free

The first step to sell your music for free is through your website. If you do not have one, get one.  It’s fine to be on ReverbNation and other free band web sites, but get serious about your brand. Own a clutter-free website that is easy to navigate and visually appealing. Learn how to sell your music for free and cover minimal hosting expenses…

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Your Band Web site Should Have the Following Tabs

  1. My Music/ Discography: a descriptive catalog of musical recordings, particularly those of a particular performer or composer. (This contains the link that allows you to Sell Your Music for Free).
  2. Music Videos ( a link to Your Youtube videos => and from Youtube the VERY first thing in your description should be a link back to this page. Use the full url to activate the link. Example: This is one of the most effective ways to develop a presence on the Internet. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine. Google being #1. Linking these 2 pages will tell the search engines that your content is solid. You will rank higher by doing this.
  3. Press Releases
  4. About  Make sure you have individual pictures of the band with short descriptions. Here is an example of a good About the Band Page:
  5. Appearances or Gigs. Have an Event Plug-in Installed so you can easily update this information. It is really important that you own your own website for this. Yes, there are free places to post your gigs on a profile page. No, you should not be sending your fans to this page. Why? These free band website pages are very distracting. You bring your visitor to this page, and you may lose them. It is very tempting to start clicking around once you get them there. It looks very unprofessional to use these free sites as your top promotional tool. Free sites should be reserved for secondary marketing and backlinks to your Band Website.
  6. Store (This is the page that allows you to Sell Your Music for Free). Have a Paypal shopping cart that allows your visitors to buy from your website and not through another party. Put more money in your pocket. The only fees you will pay are to Paypal for processing. Your band website will run $6.25 per month for hosting and a domain name.  If you sell 1 cd/ music download a month, your savings just about covers the hosting expense. You can sell downloads and/or physical cds that you ship out.

Modernize Your Band Website

Keep it simple with no clutter if you want to sell your music for free on your website.

Use professional images to deliver you brand. Look the part. If you do not have good photos, invest the time and money into it. You can hire a photographer for as little as $100 to get some cool shots. Consider a city setting or invite a photographer to your next gig.

Record your gigs for YouTube content. Use HD and a tripod. I use a Q2HD Zoom. It is small (keep it in a coat pocket kind of small), and provides acceptable audio in a concert setting. Upload…. Upload… Upload! If you do not keep your Youtube channel updated, you are missing an excellent opportunity to promote your band. You can also put a link to Sell Your Music for Free in the YouTube description. Connect your free band profiles, your YouTube channel, your FB fan page, etc. all back to => Your Band Website!

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