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Website Design Wichita caters to the small business owner by offering 6 Page Pre-designed Websites for $75. 100% Guaranteed 24 hour delivery or it's FREE!

Website Design Wichita Website design Wichita by BIGlilFISH guarantees delivery on all 6 page pre-designed websites within 24 hours or your order is FREE. Custom Wichita website designs are completed within 5-7 business days. Custom websites for small businesses in Wichita start under $500.

Meet Mary. Born and raised in Wichita, KS. She is an international web designer. Her vision allows small businesses to thrive on the internet. With affordable pre-designed websites that buyers can easily add their text and images.

If you are worried that this option is not for you, keep reading. Mary’s design is loaded on your domain. It includes a drag and drop system to add and delete boxes. Placeholders mark where you simply open a box and insert YOUR TEXT. Image placeholders are marked for your images. To resize an image, grab a corner and reduce or enlarge.

Were you looking for something that would stand out? The pre-designed option has all the bells and whistles included. It is mobile friendly. Backgrounds are set with full width stunning images that have the newest parallax effects. To change the background image. You just upload your own. There is absolutely NO CODING SKILLS REQUIRED. Mary has done all of that for you. The website design Wichita package also includes SEO by Yoast, WooCommerce and a pre-styled Contact Form.

Manage Your New Website with Ease.

Wichita Website Design Experts Agree that Smart Business Owners Utilize their Websites!

That’s right, they don’t just set it and forget it. Why is it important to be in control of your website? You need to keep your website content fresh. This not only gives your customers a reason to return, but it also helps you rank higher in Google. By learning to add your own text (it takes about 3 minutes to train yourself), you can ensure your content represents your brand. You won’t have to hire a website designer to make changes. You’ll save marketing money, while growing your business. Stagnant web pages are a BIG MISTAKE.

You Don’t Have to Be an Expert

“What if I need a complex page or concept added to my Wichita Website?” Don’t sweat it! Using a CMS platform, you’ll find most designers work on WordPress.  This makes additions affordable, and sub-contractors are easy to find. BIG lil FISH is in NW Wichita and offers freelance web design services by the hour. Discover the Website Design Wichita Package that everyone is talking about here…

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Mary, owner of has over 10 years experience in website designing. – Website Design Wichita with package that include SEO optimization.

Website Design WichitaUse My Web Design Quote Calculator

I installed this Web Design design quote calculator to easily determine your budget. My web designs have a visual impact with essential marketing in place to increase your customer conversions. Websites should be mobile friendly and tested on all platforms. My website designs are in CMS so that you can easily make changes and additions. My background is in insurance website design and SEO. This is one of the most competitive markets on the web. Focus keywords can cost over $40 per click. My SEO skills are utilized by companies to decrease their pay pay click budgets by ranking keywords organically. I also create splash pages that deliver conversions by relaying a story. Whether your an attorney or a jewelry store, my marketing expertise will help you Dominate your pond like a BIGlilFISH. ~Mary Volkmann, Website Design Wichita Website Design Wichita


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I include SEO meta descriptions in all my Web Design Packages Prices.

“Mary’s Websites are visually stunning and a powerful marketing tool. She listened and delivered beyond my expectations!” 


Does the 10 Second Customer Love Your Site?

What is a 10 second customer, and do you even want them? The answer is “Yes!” Most of us are li’l fishes trying to be the biggest fish in our pond… but we often get left behind because of the 10 second customer. Who is this customer? Well, it’s pretty much everyone these days. (SIGH) In fact, you only have 10 seconds to get their attention, or they are GONE FOREVER. First, you have to grab them by their eyeballs, and then, you have to stroke their brains to keep ’em. Your front page should be uncluttered, easy to navigate and visually stunning. -Website Design Wichita


When’s the last time you really looked at your website and logo? Does it represent you well? How does it make you feel? Would that 10 second customer stick around to discover how awesome you are? You’re still HERE, and it HAS been longer than 10 seconds. Over the years, I’ve discovered that crisp graphics combined with hypnotic writing tend to do the trick. Make your words count. Make a visual experience that leaps off the screen! By now you are starting to understand the power of your website and brand! My pricing is VERY AFFORDABLE, and the value is in the number of customers you will keep.

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