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WordPress Website Packages

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WordPress website packages

WordPress Website Packages

 I have designed WordPress Website Packages to include SEO. You can rank on page one of Google if your website is designed correctly. There are rules that you need to follow to get Google’s attention.

1. Is your focus keyword found in your article heading?

2. Does your focus keyword appear in your page title?

3. Does your URL contain your focus keyword?

4. Does your Text content contain your focus keyword? How many times?

5. Does your meta description use your keyword? How many times?


Mary was very helpful and quick to respond. I am so impressed with her creativity. The contacts started coming in immediately after our website re-design.


John Niedens dba:

Web Design Pricing Guide

Discover Web Design Packages Prices by BIG lil FISH! Visually, a website has to grab your attention immediately. There should be a call to action above the fold, as well. Although you don’t see on-page SEO, a designer should never skip this key element that allows Google to find you! I include SEO meta descriptions in all my Web Design Packages Prices.



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 WordPress Website Packages

“Mary really went above and beyond to deliver a fantastic piece of work. It’s always a
pleasure working with her as she’s very thorough and has a very creative mind.” ~ Josh Wilson



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