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Home Remodeling Website Design

This home remodeling website design example is one of my favorites. It is currently under construction for a new revision across the board. I have been adding On-page SEO and local off-page SEO for this local client. The finished project will have a lot of before and after photographs to share with potential customers. Getting the right photos has been a challenge, since ceilings are not the most interesting pictures.

I LOVE working with these guys, They are just no-nonsense people. They trust my judgment and have given me a long leash on the design of this, with the exception of the brands colors. I designed the logo for them over 15 years ago, and we have had an incredible working relationship ever since. I do not usually take on off-page SEO, even though I get so many requests, but who can say ‘no’ to these great guys?!!! Check out their home remodeling website example by clicking below. -Mary